G-force to GO-force?

It as been said that G-force maybe leaving PCW to come back as a different character as he has a brilliant record of title holders maybe he will not get the chance to ever be champion again. The chairman of PCW has no intensions of giving him away but the board of directors think different and said 'he might be coming back as Gaz Margera or Reble' so to say we havent found anything new yet.

we have some good news about g-force transformation to a new character. he has now changed his name and retired as g-force to become the name of gazamitchinoku and his built a stable with jaska-henkka also he was known as the famous mental ginge. now the two pcw wrestlers have become good skateboarders they like to be harcore and use wepons to cheat like skateboards and other materials. Gazamichinoku says ' I didn't get what i want in pcw as g-force as harcore so i told my extreme rival to team up from the normal wrestling ring to backyard wrestling to release fear and pain in other words blood, sweat and tears'. 

According to the chairman G-force has come back due to gazamichinoku was in a match as a fired match. gazamichinoku got fired for losing the match but still in all his career he won the battle royal the week before he left. i wonder what jaska-henka is thinking now.

There is a brand new talent kicking off in 2009 PCW show now as there has been 4 + more wrestlers joining in january and febuary so there is plenty to talk about at main events.